KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS strives to create a workplace where everyone can be successful by supporting our diverse staff and encouraging an open work environment. 


Welfare Benefits  

Employee happiness is inextricably linked to productivity. 

We have various support systems that aim to cultivate a comfortable and peaceful working environment. 


Childcare Leave/Maternity and Paternity Leave 

There are many hardworking mothers and fathers among our staff. In addition to maternity/paternity and childcare leave, we provide a working environment which allows our employees to balance work and family life with comfort. 


Language Learning Support   

Last year, we launched an in-house English and Japanese language lesson curriculum. As more overseas staff relocate to Japan and join our company, we are working to promote active communication.

Berlitz Japan:https://www.berlitz.com/ja-jp/corporate 


International Staff Support 

There is a dedicated team that assists international staff who are relocating to and starting their lives in Japan so that they can work with a sense of security. With our interpreters and translation tools in place, we aim to create an environment in which all staff members can express their individuality without any barriers of language or nationality. 


KJP Fitness Classes 

We offer fitness classes led by a professional instructor where employees can get away from their desks and get moving. From simple stretching to aerobics, classes are adjusted to meet each person’s needs. 


Relaxation Sessions 

Massage services by a professional masseuse are also provided to employees to help de-stress after a long day.  


Complimentary Drinks 

Set up at multiple locations inside KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS are original art-wrapped vending machines that offer complimentary drinks to employees. Complimentary coffee is also available and offered in multiple flavors. 


"Laurier in Workplace"

Since July 2023, we introduced the Kao Corporation's initiative, "Laurier in Workplace." Sanitary products are available in both the women's restroom and the “Everyone Restroom,” so our employees can work comfortably with one less thing to worry about. 

Laurier in Workplace (Japanese):https://www.kao.co.jp/laurier/project/shokuba 




Communication Culture  

We have a culture of communication that connects each and every one of us within an environment that promotes, celebrates, and sustains quality. 


End of the Month Celebration  

At the end of every month, we hold an event with a different theme in our cafeteria. This is a chance for employees to get to know one another, relax, and put up their feet. It has become a KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS tradition. 


Family Day 

This is an event where we host our employees’ families at our studio. In March of 2024, Family Day was held for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic, and our families enjoyed a BBQ, a studio tour and a kids corner to make custom KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS pin badges. We had over 200 participants, and the event closed out on a high note.    


Anniversary Event 

Every year on December 16, KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS celebrates its founding with an elaborate anniversary bash! Each employee also receives a memento of the event: a unique pin badge to have as a keepsake.  


Club Activities  

Another way KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS encourages team building and connections is through club activities. This program helps employees find others with similar interests to get together and make connections. Each group works together to share in the responsibility of managing the club include recruiting other members, setting up meeting times, and handling membership costs.


Study Sessions 

We hope to meet the needs of our employees by providing opportunities to improve their skills through seminars and workshops given by industry professionals including3D-modeling workshops, seminars that focus on the use of light and shade, as well as training retreats that focus on game conceptualization. 


Team Building Allowance 

KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS also provides an allowance to host events and get-togethers amongst team members, or with other teams, to encourage team building. 

Our Culture
Our Culture


Our View on Diversity 

We are committed to supporting diversity initiatives and strive for a workplace where everyone can thrive and flourish, operate in comfort and exercise their individuality.


LGBT Training 

We aim to improve workplace understanding and employee awareness of LGBT by providing accurate knowledge and information. To this end, we have promoted e-learning courses and training for all staff members.  
By deepening these understandings, our goal is to create an environment in which all employees can work with peace of mind throughout their future as they balance work and personal life.   


Engagement as an ALLY

As a signal of support for LGBT activities, employees who identify as an Ally or wish to become one are provided with items that show their allyship. 



TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE is an event which embraces "diversity of sexuality and life" and celebrated with the LGBTQ+ community and their Allies. KOJiMA PRODUCTIONS has participated in this program every year since TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE 2023 (TRP2023), as we keep in our hearts the awareness and understanding we’ve learned throughout our various efforts. 

TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE: https://tokyorainbowpride.com/english 


"Everyone Restroom"

In December of 2022, we installed the "Everyone Restroom," which is available to anyone regardless of gender, age, or culture. This restroom is meant to be a safe space for those who are not comfortable with restrooms labeled with a specific gender. 


Respecting Same-sex Partners

Same-sex partners are considered spouses and are eligible for benefits such as congratulatory and condolence payments. 

Our Culture
Our Culture
Our Culture EN
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