Sam has started on his journey to fulfill the President’s mission to reconnect America and save Amelie.

In this article, we will focus on the Eastern Region, from Capital Knot City to Port Knot City, where the early stages of the story (Episode 2) take place. Let us give you a few pointers for your journey, such as how to deal with MULEs and tips on long-distance deliveries.

New and veteran porters alike may come across some unexpected discoveries in this guide. There are many important moments with new findings and skills in this Episode, so let’s go over them together! 


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【1. How to deal with MULEs】

MULEs have a disorder known as Delivery Dependence Syndrome, in which they attack any porter carrying cargo and attempt to steal it from them. That of course means that Sam’s cargo will be targeted, too, so you must be very careful. Fighting is not required, and you have the option to run away. However, when you are sneaking into their camp or stealing back cargo from them, be sure to stay quiet and go about unnoticed. 


Stealth Strategy

  • Point 1. Check the MULEs’ positions 
    The cargo scanner on the Odradek reacts to cargo carried by MULES, too. Frequently check their locations to avoid any sudden run-ins. Additionally, if you build a Watchtower, you can scan a larger range of your surroundings.

  • Point 2. Stay low and utilize the terrain 
    When passing by a MULE in close proximity, remember to crouch and move quietly. 
    In addition, take advantage of the tall grass or big rocks to keep out of sight as you sneak around. 

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  • Point 3. Bind them with the Strand
    It is better to have fewer MULEs on the lookout. If you’re able, equip yourself with a Strand, approach a MULE from a blind spot, and subdue them. 

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Encounter Strategy

  • Point 1. Take them out, one at a time 
    If you get caught, MULEs tend to attack as a group. Be aware of the terrain and your position, and make sure they don't surround you.  
    If you can take them on 1-on-1 or as a smaller group, it will be easier to fight back! 

  • Point 2. Utilize the Strand
    Equip yourself with a Strand, operate the controls as indicated*, and time it with the attack. 
    *Default settings for PS: R2 button, PC: Left click 
    In a melee attack, you can use the strand to parry and subdue them from behind.

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  • Point 3. Run 
    Oftentimes, in the case of an encounter, you are carrying precious cargo.By choosing to fight, your cargo may be damaged or even stolen. Sometimes, it’s better to escape so that you can make your delivery safely without you or your cargo being harmed. 


Recommended Techniques

  • Cargo: At times, the cargo in your hands may be used as a weapon. You can use it as a melee item or as a projectile and throw it at a person. However, using your cargo in this way will damage it so be careful not to use cargo possessing fragile items.
  • Dodge: If you press the “jump” button while keeping your balance, you can dodge enemy attacks. If you are successful, the MULE who attacked you will be caught off guard, giving you time to bind and incapacitate them.
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  • Postbox: Timefall isn’t the only thing that can hurt cargo; direct attacks, accidentally dropping it, and various other situations can inflict damage to cargo, too. Postboxes are useful shelters for storing important cargo when you’re waiting out Timefall or right before entering MULE camps. 
    ※For details on how to set up a Postbox, challenge yourself to [Order No. 6] Construction: Postbox! 



【2. Long-Distance Deliveries】 

[Order No. 14] Aid Package Delivery: Pork Knot City is a delivery that connects the Eastern Region from end to end, making it the first long-distance order that you must take on.  


  • Point 1. Plan your delivery route 
    Just as you’ve done with previous orders, let’s plan your route to the destination! 
    If there are any Distribution Centers on the way, it is recommended to include them in your route and use them as rest stops.  
    Also, if your total load is quite heavy, you will be greatly affected by rough terrain. Be sure to use your Odradek often and scan for safe ground as you move.  

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  • Point 2. Prepare plenty of equipment 
    The longer the delivery, the more obstacles you will face. 
    We recommend fabricating and packing Ladders and Climbing Anchors to assist you in traversing challenging terrain as well as Container Repair Spray in case of Timefall. 

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  • Point 3. Take it easy 
    When your stamina is depleted, your balance control will be weaker, making yourself more susceptible to trips or falls. Remember to rehydrate with drinks from the Canteen! 
    You can also restore your stamina by finding a safe place to sit and resting on the ground. 
    A holographic Cairn will appear in the spot where you rested. When you rest near a Cairn, you can restore your stamina faster!

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  • Point 4. Take advantage of Online Functions 
    If you are playing online, you may find equipment and structures used by other players when you are within Chiral Network coverage. (※ Don’t forget to give it a “Like” after using it!) 
    You will also find that footpaths are created along routes taken by many of the other players. If you’re not sure which path to take, you can use it as a reference! 


Using the Reverse Trike

In front of the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, which you will pass on your way to Port Knot City, you will find a motorbike (Reverse Trike) with a dead battery. You can charge it by building a Generator, and the bike will allow for faster travel. 

How to charge the Reverse Trike 
1. Fabricate a PCC at the Delivery Terminal  
2. Select “Generator” from the PCC menu 
3. Construct the Generator so that the bike is within designated charging radius

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  • Point 1. Beware of rivers 
    You can ride across rivers up to a certain depth, but that will drain your battery drastically. 
    Even when you are on the Reverse Trike, make sure to use the Odradek's scanner, just as you do when you are crossing the river on foot. The red markers indicate deeper waters, so if you enter that area, your bike will sink and both Sam and the cargo will be washed away. 

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  • Point 2. Walking may be safer at times 
    You will need to choose your route carefully and be a skilled operator to ride your Reverse Trike through rough terrain. If you overdo it, you may risk damaging the bike or getting stuck. Check your route, scan your surroundings and terrain, and choose the option best suited for you! 

  • Point 3. Turn back to get new equipment 
    By returning to Capital Knot City, you can take on [Order No. 15] Equipment Trial: Hematic Grenade and obtain a Hematic Grenade, an effective weapon against BTs. Though it may be a detour, the Reverse Trike will make your trip more enjoyable! 


Beware of Enemy Territory

  • Point 1. MULE Camps 
    The sensor poles mark the outline of a MULE camp. 
    When you enter an area inside of these poles, the MULEs will use a cargo sensor to detect your cargo. When your cargo gets scanned, the MULEs will rush to the location where it was detected, so move away from the area as quickly as possible. 
    ※As the story progresses, you will gain measures to counter the MULEs’ cargo sensors.

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  • Point 2. BT Areas 
    First, stop walking and check the locations of the BTs that appear. 
    Though you can’t see the BTs when you are moving, pay close attention to the Odradek’s movements and direction for hints on their location, and hold your breath while passing by slowly. 

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Since you will be trekking through Timefall in BT areas, don’t forget to check the damage on your cargo after you have passed through safely. 
If an already heavily damaged cargo gets damaged even further, it will impact the contents inside of the container. 
You can check the rate of damage via your Cuff Links. If the cargo container is damaged, you can mend it with the Container Repair Spray. 
The condition of your cargo will primarily affect your delivery rating.

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Recommended Techniques

  • Hematic Grenade: You can fight off BTs by throwing the grenade at them. However, this requires using Sam’s blood, so don't forget the risk of anemia! If you are passing through multiple BT areas, you will be much safer packing a few Blood Bags along with your Hematic Grenades. 
    ※ For more details on how to use the Hematic Grenade, challenge yourself to [Order No. 15] Equipment Trial: Hematic Grenade.  

  • Climbing Anchors and Ladders: On steep slopes, you should keep your balance and move slowly. However, depending on the terrain, it may be easier and safer to use delivery equipment! Before climbing up or down any slopes, check your surroundings for areas that are suitable for using such equipment.



Those are all the tips for now! 

Completing a long-distance delivery is a sure sign that you are growing as a porter! 
Larger terrain and tougher missions await you but access to abundant resources like equipment and structures will surely give you more freedom and make your deliveries much smoother.

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In DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT, you can accept an order at the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City which will unlock a Maser Gun, a highly effective weapon for neutralizing MULEs. 
The DIRECTOR’S CUT version, with an array of additional features, is available for the PS5 and PC. 

PlayStation 5 

PC versions 


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